Bayside High School was founded in 1936, and ever since it has been an educational ground for many generations. Some students who were once learning in Bayside High School are now teachers. They even have an Alumni group, friends of Bayside High School. Mrs. Valente and Ms.Riaz are co-directors of this organization, and they work to bring together bayside graduates and community supporters. They fundraise and give back to the school and the community in any way possible. Friends of Bayside High School is non-profit and on Facebook.

Mrs. Vanessa Valente, Bayside High School English Teacher

valente HS\

“The biggest change as a teacher in 2015, from being a student in the early 90s, is TECHNOLOGY! Students didn’t have cellphones, and we actually WROTE notes on PAPER to pass to our friends!”

“I made amazing friends whom I still keep in touch with. I had some incredible teachers, and a few of them are now my colleagues. I really enjoyed Bayside High School knowing I was a third generation graduate. I felt prepared for college; I took Latin, AP classes, and felt challenged.”

Valente - taken by Merna Ishak

Ms. Miriam Riaz, Bayside High School US History and Government and Economics Teacher

Riaz HS

“Bayside High School has become a lot safer and college and career ready. It is now less crowded then when I was a student. The students today get away with less than my day.”

“My fondest memory was when I was a sophomore, on a hot day, running across the park with my friends for a water fight during my lunch period, and then coming back for my Global History class soaking wet.”


Mrs. Vlantis, Bayside High School Health Teacher

Vlantis HS

“I think Bayside is academically a better school today than when I was a student.”                                    

“My fondest memory was when I was a senior and I was the president of the Greek Club. We did a lot of events and activities, including the Multicultural Festival. I also had piano class in school and I performed in the piano recital.”

Vlantis - taken by Merna Ishak

Ms. Kassimis, Bayside High School coach and Health and Physical Education Teacher

Coach Kassimis - taken by Stephanie Hall

“It’s [Bayside] is the same but it’s also not. We had more school clubs back when I was a student, and there were no grade councils. I think the school has improved. There are more opportunities to get involved; I think Bayside is greater now than it was before.”

“My favorite memory of Bayside is playing soccer, hanging out with my friends, and attending classes with some of my favorite teachers. I also loved being in the chorus; I was in concert choir for 4 years.”

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