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Who doesn’t love a good concert? No matter what type of music you’re interested in, whether it’s electronic dance music, classic rock, heavy metal, or another one of the splendid hundreds of genres that exist, there is an undeniable rush of being at a concert, surrounded by masses of people who love the same thing you do. The pounding volume of the music, the screams of the crowd, and seeing famous musicians up close and personal is undeniably amazing, but at what price does this experience come?

In recent years, the price of concert tickets has increased significantly, making it difficult for music lovers everywhere to be able to see their favorite artists live and in concert. In the generation of our parents and grandparents, music was a commodity that was fairly easy to come by. Music festivals, like Woodstock, were popular and inexpensive; often times these shows and festivals reveled in turn outs of 50,000 or more attendees. The driving force behind the masses of people who showed up to attend these shows was a singular passion for music and the rush of being enveloped in the energy of a live performance. Concert tickets typically sold for anywhere from $2.50 to $5.00.

Today, concert tickets cost anywhere from $50.00 to over $200.00 per ticket, depending on the artist performing and the venue. Many people spend copious amounts of money to see their favorite singer or artist for only a few hours and it begs the question: is it worth all of that money? Certainly, some people would say yes, and would be willing to pay the $392.55 necessary to see Taylor Swift perform at the Jingle Ball, or the $351.00 in order to see 5 Seconds of Summer.

I, personally, have been a diehard fan of Bruno Mars. Last summer, he went on tour and happened to be playing at the Met Life Stadium in New Jersey. Excitedly, I went online to try to secure tickets for myself only to find that even the cheapest seats cost a whopping $150.00 per ticket. Even if I had decided to spend such an excessive amount of money on my ticket, I would have had to go alone, because buying multiple tickets was far too expensive for any of my friends to afford. The price of concert tickets has sky rocketed in the last 40 years or so, leaving many fans either broke, disappointed, or both.

While attending concerts may be an expensive past time, many agree that it’s completely worth their money. Teenagers especially often gripe about the high prices of concert tickets, but hundreds of thousands of them still pour into concerts and fill up stadiums.





Beloved Bayside English teacher, Mr. Weissmann, is always speaking highly of his wife to his students and recently he had stopped. Students asked Mr.Weissmann, why? He answers, “We’re getting a divorce.” This comes so unexpected since Mr.Weissmann constantly raves about her! Mr. Weissmann states that, “ One of my students ran into her at the mall, (thinking she was a store) and overheard what I say about her. Note that, my student was never to be seen again. Police would investigate but they cannot even look my wife in the face and live…”

When recalling how they met, Mrs. Weissmann refers to how it was love at first sight for her. Ever since then, Mr. Weissmann would follow her footprints in the concrete. Nonetheless, the fairytale marriage, resulted in divorce.

Some of his students don’t blame Mr. Weissmann for divorcing her. Bayside Junior, Vidhur Vashisht, said, “Well, I don’t blame Weissmann. His wife took up all the seats on the couch, along with 3 galaxies.”

Hopefully the divorce holds up, because her gravitational field will pull poor Mr. Weissmann back. According to the laws of space time, Mrs. Weissmann is closer to the epicenter of the universe so when she eats her lunch, consisting of black holes, it will suck Mr. Weissmann in before he even has time to spend with her.

Apart from the science of the break up, certain things have been leading up to the divorce. Mr. Weissmann says, “We had begun to spend time separately when the military tried to use her as a weapon, but figured a bomb was much safer.”

However, the breaking point was when Mr. Weissmann tried to sell her to cannibals for a penny a pound so he can become “richer than Oprah,” Weissman said.

When hearing about the divorce, Bayside Junior, Lily Ye said, “ I wonder if he can really divorce her, being that she is so big.”

Another Bayside Junior, Rogelio Rojas even said, “Can you even divorce a planet?”

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. In Mr. Weissmann’s case, we know he’ll be fond of her absence. He’ll be able to eat for once.

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Guess what Bayside! It’s been revealed that most colleges no longer put emphasis on your grades, GPA, or SAT scores for admission! Can you believe that? No more long hours of studying or staying up late studying for exams!

Colleges no longer just want the students who follow the rules and get excellent tests scores. They want intrepid students who are ready to take on the world, willing to help their community, and think of others.

Like many people, Robin McMahon, Bayside Latin Teacher, was surprised that colleges can get access to students’ records that show their suspensions. These records are supposed to be confidential. Like all the other teachers, he encourages students to work hard in class to get good grades that will illustrate their potential and readiness for college, so it was shocking for him to hear that colleges will not emphasize grades anymore.

Moreover, freshman Kelly White does not agree with the College Board so much. She commented, “I think that these new regulations do help the admissions board understand the whole student and not just how they look on paper, but they should look over the student’s grades and extracurricular activities.” She further mentioned how the admission board “should know what kind of worker they [students] are, and a good judge of that is their GPA.”

Agreeing with White, Tasnova Ahmed, a junior, asks, “If colleges are not stressing GPA or SAT scores, then what is the point of going to school and getting an education?” Ahmed makes a good point, but students need an education in order to govern and manage the country as the next generation. Therefore, colleges are expecting students to still attend high school and get an education; they will just not pay a lot of attention to students GPA, whether it is a 2.0 or 4.0.

Furthermore, Zinan Ahmed, another junior, agrees with White and Ahmed. She says, “I think these new rules are unfair because colleges should not ignore the academic achievements of an applicant. A student deserves recognition and appreciation for their strenuous effort put into schoolwork.”

Judy Cheng, a senior, agrees with the other students and she commented, “I do not like the new system because personally I do not have any extracurricular activities because I either work or study after school, and I don’t have the time to attend extracurricular activities after school. [So] I think that the admission board should focus on GPA’s because it shows how students maintained their grades throughout their high school careers. Some students may be bad test takers, so the SATs and other tests should be considered as back-up evaluation considerations.”

Nonetheless, the College Board is still debating on this topic; all the administrators will submit their final vote on July 2, 2015. If they vote in favor of the new regulations, then these regulations will be enforced towards the 2016 applicants. So to those future applicants, good luck! Even if the new regulations are not enforced, students should work hard in both their school work and extracurricular activities.

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As you all are probably aware, twenty-two year old star Zayn Malik left the band, One Direction, only two months. His decision to “go in a different direction”, as people would joke, devastated thousands of fans all over the world. However, this tidbit of information might be mending those broken hearts very quickly.

Zayn has decided to return to the band! The absence of singing with his fellow bandmates has supposedly been too much for him to bear, and making a comeback will hopefully fill that hole in his heart.

This is a huge plot twist for everyone. Malik had made it pretty clear that he wanted a life without the spotlight in it all the time, stating that “I want to be a normal 22-year-old who is able to relax and have some private time out of the spotlight,” according to So the question is, what made him so keen on changing his mind, and how do fans feel about it?

Although Malik put his fans through a lot of heartbreak, some feel the fans will be loyal. Quiara Rampersad, a sophomore, says that “It shouldn’t matter what his fans think, they’ll accept his decision eventually anyway. He has to do what feels right.”

Chelsea Lopez, a freshman and a fan of One Direction, has somewhat mixed feelings on the prospect of Malik returning.

“His return could have a negative impact because rumors can start to spread, like how he probably is on the verge of being broke, or how ever since he’s left, his popularity status hasn’t been as high as it was before. However, it can also have a positive impact by everything going back to the way it was with them being successful around the world.”

It’s also been revealed that as in celebration to Malik’s return, the band will soon be recording a new album, this one now called Five, the follow up to Four, the latest album that was released. Senior Christian Hidalgo comments, “I think it’ll be a good comeback for them. Fans can only hope for the best.”

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Many are familiar with AMC’s hit T.V. show, The Walking Dead. With millions of viewers tuning in every week for another episode, there are many things to love about the show. Some may be the up and down plot, the relatable characters, or the gore filled zombie kills.

Speaking of plot, The Walking Dead is full of plot twists that keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. The sudden deaths of characters are part of these plot twists. One character, Beth, was victim to these sudden deaths.

Many viewers have had different reactions towards her death in the mid-season 5 finale.

Junior Alexis Juca, for instance, was upset by Beth’s death because he felt that she was an important character who kept the show interesting.

Junior Aimee Montañez is another viewer upset by her death. Aimee states that the event was a “real tear jerker” because Beth’s group was finally able to save her, but then had to say goodbye.

Some viewers, however, weren’t as emotionally jarred; this is the case with Juniors Christopher Buitron and Melissa Rueda. Both viewers expected the plot twist due to the episode being the mid-season finale and something big always occurs in a mid-season or season finale. But another plot twist has occurred that involves this character, and this twist involves her return.

Beth has made a comeback into the show. According to AMC posts, the mid-season final episode where Beth dies was just a dream by her sister and beloved character in the show, Maggie. AMC states that the dream was a way to spice up the show and try something new.

Viewers such as Alexis, Aimee, and Christopher were in shock to hear the news. They felt that this decision was so “unexpected” for the writers to do. Melissa states, “Ew, no, don’t bring her back. I don’t want to have to hear her sing again.”

Whether or not the viewers will agree with this twist is unknown. Christopher thinks that some viewers will like the decision and some will not. Aimee thinks that viewers like the show as it is and bringing back Beth will cause more anger than happiness.

How would you feel about seeing Beth in the show once again? Whether or not you like the decision of the writers, it is going to happen. For further information on the release of the episode and on the plot of the episode, stay tuned to the AMC Network.

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Apple announced its launch of the all new iHeadband in September 2015. The iHeadband is the first of its kind- a device that when placed upon one’s head, dramatically increases intelligence. The headband works exclusively with the brain’s neurons, sending information straight to your brain through electrical and chemical signals. These signals between neurons occur through synapses, or specialized connections with other cells. Now that we know a little bit more about how the device works, exactly how much will they sell for and what features can we expect to see?

iHeadbands have a completely new design with an ultra-thin body and a smooth surface for ultimate comfort. The device offers fast processors, and a long battery life. The gadget even possesses a camera with optical image stabilization. This makes capturing moments and processing them easier than ever. One of the coolest features of the device is InfoPic-a program that allows you to instantly gain knowledge by taking a picture with the built in camera. Take a picture of the Mona Lisa, for example, and information will be installed into your brain such as who, when, and where the picture was painted.

iHeadbands are available in gold, silver, space gray, red, and white, and are available in 16, 64, and 128 GB capacities. The higher the gigabyte, the more information the equipment can hold. The more information the gear can hold, the more intelligence you will gain. The device pricing starts at $500, and goes up to a whopping price of $2,000. iHeadbands can even camouflage with your hair color if you so choose. However, you will have to pay an extra $100 dollars to find the perfect match to blend in perfectly.

Ms. Karakus, an English student teacher at Bayside High School, feels that the Apple iHeadband is revolutionary. “I think it’s the first of it’s kind and it allows people to access information with free hands.” She believes that the device can help her become a better teacher. “I would be interested in buying it because if it made me smarter, it would enhance my ability to teach even better.”

Dylan Coopersmith, a junior at Bayside, agrees. “I would buy it because I would never have to go to school again.” Although the future cannot be told, the Apple iHeadband is rumored to close some schools and universities all across the globe. There is simply no point in going to school and getting an education if the Iheadband will do it all for you with no work but the simple press of a button. Teachers and professors all around the world unfortunately will lose their jobs as a result of the new headband.

Sharon Shefi, a sophomore at Bayside, feels differently. “I am not interested in buying it because I wouldn’t want a headband to increase my intelligence. I would rather work and study hard to reach the level of intelligence that I desire.”

While the iHeadband is not for everyone, it can definitely improve one’s life drastically. The iHeadband can spark sophisticated conversations or help you get a better job. You’ll never have to go to school or think hard again with this new device. If you’re interested in buying one for yourself or a loved one, pre order your headband today at

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